Common first aid mistakes to avoid

First aid mistakes are common. Having basic first aid knowledge is crucial but it’s important to avoid these mistakes that can worsen the situation. In this blog post, we will explore some common first aid mistakes so you can avoid making them.

  1. Tilting your head back when you get a nose bleed: The right thing to do when you get a nose bleed is to sit upright and pinch the bottom half of your nose with your thumb and fingers. Breathe through your mouth while doing this to stop the bleeding.
  2. Leaving an adhesive bandage on a cut: Putting a bandage on a cut after using antibacterial ointment increases unwanted moisture over the cut. Instead, clean the cut and apply ointment and let it heal in fresh air.
  3. Do not apply ice to burns: Ice on a burn can make it worse. Use cool water from the tap instead.
  4. Moving an injured person: Moving an injured person from an accident scene can lead to additional harm. This is most applicable to injuries in the spine, neck or head. Unless the person is in immediate danger, it is best to wait for professional help instead of moving the person.
  5. Not calling for help immediately: The first step in any emergency is to call for medical help right away. Having an emergency medical contact saved on your phone is necessary.

These first aid mistakes are common but can be easily avoided with the right knowledge and training. The Ambulance Company offers first aid training to Individuals, families and organizations. Call 09155556030, 09155556040 for more information.