Accidents, by definition, occur without notice, and this can be in the workplace. Can your colleagues save you if anything happens? Does anyone of your colleague have first aid training?

Training employees in basic life support equips them to treat patients, manage medical emergencies confidently, without fear or confusion.

Explained below are the benefits of first aid training for employees at the workplace;

Faster response during an emergency; During a medical emergency, employees trained in first aid already know the steps to take during an emergency. A swift response during a situation like this can reduce recovery time, and prevent death most especially.

It reduces workplace accidents & injuries; First aid training enhances safety awareness, reducing workplace accidents through employee knowledge and preparedness.

It creates a more positive work environment;Employers demonstrate care for safety by offering first aid training, ensuring a secure work environment for their workforce. This can serve as a great team-building exercise as well.

Safety at home; Training in first aid is not just useful in the workplace but outside of the workplace as well. Knowledge of first aid could help save the life of a friend or neighbor.

Safety while working alone; Basic life support training teaches employees how to properly use first aid kits, and to stay calm during an emergency. Crucial for aiding others, these skills are particularly valuable for lone workers, buying time until additional help arrives.

Providing first aid care is an essential safety precaution. It doesn’t cost much, but it will go a long way in ensuring the safety of lives in the workplace. At The Ambulance Company we offer basic Cpr and firstaid care skill training and have different emergency preparedness plans for organizations. For more information, Click Here