How To Assist A Gunshot Wound Victim.

If you or someone you’re with sustains a gunshot wound, here’s what you need to know and do:

First, ensure the area is safe before providing help to avoid further injuries.

For gunshot wounds, getting immediate medical attention is crucial to prevent fatalities.

Contact law enforcement and The Ambulance Company for emergency care before approaching the victim.

While attending to the victim, apply pressure to the wound using a dressing (gauze, towels, shirts) to control bleeding. Avoid trying to clean the wound directly.

Let conscious patients sit or lie in their most comfortable position and stay with them, offering reassurance and keeping them warm.

Start CPR immediately if the patient stops breathing.

DON’TS for a gunshot wound victim:

  • Don’t give the patient anything to eat or drink, including water.
  • Avoid moving the casualty unless necessary for their safety or treatment space. Moving could worsen spinal injuries.
  • Generally, avoid elevating the legs of a gunshot victim, as it may worsen bleeding and impede breathing.

In Summary:

If dealing with a gunshot wound, remember these priorities:

  • Stay safe.
  • Call for help.
  • Stop the bleeding.
  • Keep the wound clean.

Quick decisions may be necessary, so being prepared can lead to better outcomes. While our immediate response to this situation might be panic, keeping calm is very crucial, to administering first aid. Whether the situation refers to an accident, a stroke, a heart attack, or any other serious ailment, the significance of the first few minutes in saving a life is beyond compare. Do remember to call The Ambulance Company for emergency medical assistance while still at the scene or while enroute a health facility!. Save our hotlines today-09155556030, 09155556040, stay ready, stay safe.