How to stop bleeding

If you or someone around you is bleeding, take these first aid steps to stop it.

Note: Call our emergency hotlines at 09155556030, 09155556040 if the wound is deep and bleeding is severe.

Before commencing first aid, remove any debris from the wound.

  1. Apply pressure to the wound: Cover the wound with a clean and dry piece of any material ( bandage, cloth, towel). Press on it firmly with the palm of your hand and apply pressure until the bleeding stops. (do not press on an eye or head injury)
  2. Wrap in a cloth or bandage: When the bleeding stops, wrap the wound in a bandage or clean cloth

Alternatively, you can raise the affected area to help reduce the flow of blood. 

For hand injuries, raise above the head.

For areas lower than the hand, lie down and raise affected area above heart level.