Help a choking baby

Choking occurs when an object or food becomes lodged in the throat or windpipe thereby blocking airflow and can lead to an emergency situation. This article details steps to help a choking baby.

There are two types of choking: partial choking and complete choking.

Coughing is the body’s way of clearing the airway, and so it may indicate a partial airway obstruction. A person who is coughing is still able to breathe.

Incase of complete choking, immediately call emergency services: +2349155556030, +2349155556040, +2348100085768

First, you need to recognize the signs to be able to help a choking baby:

Signs of choking

  • No crying or weak cries
  • No coughing or ineffective coughing
  • No sounds or noisy breathing
  • Struggling to breathe (ribs and chest pulling in)

First aid process to help a choking baby

As soon as you’re about to start the steps to help your choking baby, call for help.

NOTE: DO NOT carry out the first aid process if the infant is coughing hard or crying hard, strong coughs and cries can help to push the object out of the airway.

If your child is not doing any of the above, follow these steps to help the choking:

1. Lay baby face down on your forearm or thigh.

CPR dummy first aid training for choking

2. Give 5 firm back blows between the shoulder blades with the heel of your hand. Check for the object in baby’s mouth after each blow.

3. If choking persists, Turn baby face up and support their head.

Infant choking training to help a choking baby

4. Give 5 chest thrusts with 2 fingers in the center of the chest, just between the nipples. Check for the object in mouth after each thrust.

5. If the object is loose and visible, remove it gently with your little finger.

6. Lay baby on their side with their head tilted down until help arrives.

7. If choking continues, repeat back blows and chest thrusts until help arrives.

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Date: Friday, February 2024
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