Redefining emergency medical care in Nigeria.

Emergency care is a critical aspect of Nigeria’s healthcare system that demands immediate attention.

At The Ambulance Company, we understand the difference that emergency medical care can make in critical situations.

As a leading provider of emergency care services, we are committed to delivering excellence when it matters the most.

The importance of having an emergency number saved is becoming of increasing importance. Alongside having basic first aid training.

It is our mission to ensure that people become confident responders and not bystanders and also lessen the gap between hospital care and pre-hospital care.

Over the years, we’ve focused on using these approaches:

  1. Accessible Infrastructure: The Ambulance Company’s “Ambulances” are equipped with advanced medical technology. The technology ensure the swift and efficient transportation of patients to healthcare facilities. 
  2. Trainings: Our team of skilled emergency medical professionals undergo trainings to uphold the highest standards of care. They can provide reassurance, care and confidence to those in need. We also leverage on trainings organized for Companies, Institutions, Households and Individuals. This is to empower them with basic life saving skills.
  3. Advocacy and Partnerships: We have and will continue to advocate for prioritize emergency medical services and healthcare as a whole. We’re open to collaborations with government agencies, NGOs and other industry stakeholders to drive positive change in Nigeria’s healthcare landscape.

As we continue our mission to improve emergency care across Nigeria, we remain committed to delivering compassionate, timely, and life-saving care to those who rely on us.

We believe together, we can build a healthier and safer future for all Nigerians.