Ways To Prepare For Medical Emergencies During An Event.

During event planning, it is so easy to get lost in the details of the event, and sometimes forget to plan for contingencies like medical emergencies.

It is impossible to plan for every scenario, but the least we can do is to be prepared. You never know, being unprepared may put a life may be at stake.

Here are ways you can prepare for medical emergencies at your events:

Collect Emergency Contact Info

Gathering important participant information during registration saves valuable time in an emergency. It’s as simple as adding an “In Case of Emergency” section to your registration form, requesting an emergency contact name, relationship, and mobile number.

Get an ambulance on standby

Having an ambulance at your event not only gives planners some peace of mind, but also shows attendees that extra precautions have been put in place to ensure their safety in case of medical emergencies at the event.

Invest in firstaid training

Have people trained in this field so as to know the appropriate steps to take in case of emergencies as this helps to significantly reduce a victim’s recovery time, as the first few minutes of a medical emergency are very critical. Studies have shown that people with first-aid training are more confident and level-headed in emergency situations thereby promoting a sense of security to the people around them who might not know what to do.

Create an emergency response plan

Creating an emergency response plan should be part of the event planning. All emergency exits should be pointed out and the staffs working at the event should be familiar with the plan so that they are prepared to take any action necessary to ensure the well-being of event attendees.

It’s better to be informed than unprepared.