What we do

Our Ambulance is readily available

In Nigeria, the stakes are high — the time is dire, and the need is clear. The Ambulance Company is here to ensure that every last Nigerian can have seamless access to high-quality, dependable, and affordable ambulance services, emergency medical services, and professional care needed to ensure their health and safety.

We deliver seamless emergency services and ambulance services to those who need them. We deliver all throughout Nigeria and are always standing at the ready to ensure that when the call arises, a team of medical professionals is standing at the ready to answer.

  • Ground Ambulance Services
  • Air Ambulance Services
  • Medical Evacuations
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Events Management

The Ambulance Company is proud to offer our services all throughout the country of Nigeria. For us, nothing is more important than increasing access to healthcare for the thousands of Nigerians out there who struggle each and every day to access the care that they deserve.

Through our services, we strive to bridge the health gap in the country by reducing the time between injury and treatment at the hospital. For emergency medical services and the elderly population, The Ambulance Company offers premium, efficient, and professional assistance.

The Ambulance Company, our mission is simple — we work each and every day to preserve the integrity of Nigeria’s health system by increasing access to ambulatory services in a variety of capacities. For contact inquiries, please contact us at https://theambulancecompany.com/contact or call +2349155556030 +2349155556040 +2348100085768