Experiencing A Seizure Episode? Here’s how to help.

Sade recounted something strange that happened in our school today to her mother during the morning assembly. One of the student had a seizure episode.

On a bright Tuesday morning, the drums rolled, and the melodious voices of the students of Vedic Secondary School could be heard from quite a distance. They had queued up for their morning assembly and were singing the school anthem when suddenly a noise erupted in the midst of the SS1 student line. Apparently, Segun collapsed, foaming, and shaking uncontrollably on the ground.

Almost immediately,

In a state of confusion, Tokunbo, the head boy, dashed off to the principal’s office to relay the incident. The principal immediately called for the P.H.E teacher and the School nurse to check the situation of things.

As they both arrived at the scene, they found Segun still shaking. Mrs. Onwuso, the P.H.E tutor, instantly made sure the environment was safe by clearing sharp objects around the scene to prevent injury. She dismissed the students gathered around and asked them to return to their various classes to give room for fresh air. Then, gently, she turned Segun onto his side to enable him to breathe properly. Nurse Bamidele placed a pillow underneath his head and loosened the tie around his neck to enable him to breathe freely. Gradually, he stopped shaking and regained consciousness. They then gently moved him to the sick bay to rest.

Following that seizure episode,

After Segun had gotten some rest, Nurse Bamidele called the students into the Hall to explain what had happened to him. She mentioned that Segun had just experienced a seizure episode and went on to explain that a seizure is a sudden, uncontrolled electrical disturbance in the brain which causes changes in one’s behavior, movements, or feelings, and in levels of consciousness. She also mentioned that it is not communicable, to prevent any form of stigmatization from the other students.

Then, she stated things to never do while trying to help a person experiencing a seizure: 1) putting anything into the person’s mouth, as this could injure their teeth or jaw, 2) holding the person down or restricting their movement. Finally, she clarified that the sick person cannot swallow their tongue as opposed to the popular myths.

The principal called Segun’s parents to inform them of what had just happened and also notified them that they had contacted The Ambulance Company to assist with monitoring their son’s health while they transferred him to the hospital for further medical check-up.

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