Our Values


At The Ambulance Company, our mission is simple – we work each and every day to preserve the integrity of Nigeria’s health system by increasing access to ambulatory services in a variety of capacities.


We are experts in what we do at The Ambulance Company. We provide the best medical service possible with highly skilled, and  well trained personnel who are equipped with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the job.


We are passionate about our clients, hence we are always on high alert, ready to serve and ensure our clients are satisfied with our rendered services. We are also working to transform the evolution of rapid emergency response services in the country.


We at the ambulance company are always eager to save lives. It is embedded in our manifesto to show our commitment towards our goal, and also ensure that our services are second to none.


Winning your trust is our mission as we are determined to give the best in terms of our rapid response time, access to well trained personnel and also the best facilities to take over in providing quality health care. 


We are full arms out to collaborate with other healthcare organizations to foster the mission which is to reduce morbidity and mortality due to lack of proper emergency response, thereby improving the overall healthcare system.