Why do people abuse drugs?

The sudden prevalence of drug abuse in the society is alarming. Just last week, i saw a video of some young boys and ladies having a ‘’good time’’ drinking all sorts of mixed concoctions, as well smoking, with them shouting ‘’on colos ‘’ at the top of their voices, moments later they are seen trying to rush one of their own to the car to be taken to the hospital as it seemed like she had passed out. The news we got later on was that she passed away.

This seems to be the IN thing in the society right now. Today, we are diving into a topic that’s been buzzing around in recent weeks, which is the widespread use of hard drugs among today’s youth. It’s a serious issue that we can’t afford to ignore any longer, so let’s get real about what’s happening and why.

First off, we have to acknowledge the fact that drug use among young people has been around forever. Yeaaa, very correct but, lately, there’s been a shift toward harder substances like cocaine, heroin, and synthetic drugs. Why is this happening? If you ask some of these people, they will say because of the thrills they get after taking such substances.

Haaaa, temporary thrill, that will lead to a lifetime of regret.

While reading through the comments on social media about this issue, the conclusion drawn is most of these young folks are dealing with a lot from academic pressures, to the chaos of social media,societal pressures as well as not wanting to be left out and some turn to hard drugs as a way to escape or cope with the grind, and before they realize anything, it turns into an addiction.

Let’s talk a bit about the consequences of drug abuse

Understanding the consequences of drug abuse among the youth is the first step in addressing this critical issue. Hard drugs might offer a momentary thrill, but they often lead to a crash landing. Many young lives with limitless potential are cut short or severely hindered by drug abuse, other health issues, physical health deterioration, mental health crises, legal troubles due to increased crime, which could be a result of financial ruin, the list goes on.

What Can We Do About It?

We can’t just stand by and watch this damage continue to happen, right?

Instead of pointing fingers, let’s educate, which is the very essence of this article. Let’s teach not just our youth, but even the younger folks about the risks, the dangers, and the consequences of hard drug use. As an emergency medical service provider we’ve gone on different rescue missions, while some come out of it alive, unfortunately, there are losses due to delayed actions. Let’s encourage open conversations at home, at school, and even with friends. Be a support system for those who’ve taken a wrong turn. Addiction is no joke, and recovery is possible with the right help. So seek help from the right place.

Let’s keep this conversation going, share with your friends and families on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even on Whatsapp you really can’t say whose life you will be helping out and support our youth as they navigate life’s ups and downs. To read more of articles related to this and other emergency preparedness and firstaid care tips click here.